DISC Assessments

A Quest Report is a personalized, easy-to-understand DISC personality report you will receive after completing a private online personality assessment. Use this helpful material at work, home, school or where ever you interact with people!
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Be sure to take advantage of the interaction guide and the team chart tool (included!).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order an Assessment?
Head over to the DISC tab at the top of our website and select one of our two types of DISC Assessments. While checking out be sure to select free shipping, you will then receive two emails. One email will be a receipt and the other will include directions on how to take an assessment.

I’m having trouble finding my codes after ordering…

If you do not see an email with your codes arrive shortly after ordering, be sure to refresh and look for the code email in both your inbox and junk mail folder. If you can still not find your codes be sure to email us at gabby@questld.com and we will be sure to send your codes to you in a new email.

Where do I go to take my Quest Report?

Head over to www.discoveryreport.com/quest and type in your code to the box next to the word ‘Code’ and click the ‘send code to begin’ button to take your assessment.

Where do I go to find my team chart/how do I access team charts?

Head over to www.discoveryreport.com/quest and go to the upper right-hand side of the website and click ‘Team Charts’. From there you will enter the codes of your team members that you wish to make a team chart with into the box and click ‘View Chart’.

How do I receive my employees or friends quest reports after they have taken their assessments?
When someone finishes taking an assessment at the bottom of their assessment should be a box that can be filled out titled “Personalize Your Quest Report”. If the person taking the assessment fills out this section and places your email in the space titled ‘Email Report to this friend’ then their quest report will be sent to you after they submit their assessment.

If you have any other questions be sure to email us with them at Gabby@questld.com

Play this 1 minute video below to find out.